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The other lane


“Have you ever driven on the other side of the road?”

The simple question Naomi Karten (2009) put starting the preface of her book on communicating change is a marvelous metaphor stirring up the depths of our everyday swimming.

How often we really dare to drive the other side?

Why should we? – perhaps we are looking for something else we are used to – like left driving -‘an eye-opening experience’.

The quest of the mind, tired of endless sea horizon on board, rise everybody to take a window seat at the moment of departing or arriving to the harbor – the glance should be attracted to something like a chaotic line of the industrial buildings, dirty quays, ship yards. We go home immediately after the sun is down and forget the dawn as soon as the sun is up.

Taking the other lane – the other forest road instead of a highway – is a slow and simple experience, but there is a chance of tasting the local bakery treats or wild berries instead of a hotdog and take-away coffee. Bigger is better?-Less is more.

Sometimes we are put into the other lane – forced into change by finding ourselves in other culture – working globally. We are put to drive left instead of right. The possibility of being smashed brings us to the wisdom of learning new habits, but why should we start in the rush-hour downtown? The traffic is traffic – but only three colours signal of what to do and where to go. Any high-speed broad highway ends up at the toll station or the airport to fly home. – Have you really seen the best of it in the five stars?..

Here we are now for the beauty of it.