Models and Empire

Challenging empire of instruction, experiential ways of learning construct new vision, revisiting habitual thoughts.

If we want to keep the empire, we take the same old way. We teach, they learn. Because we think we know the right way and we are wiser. Because we believe in positivism, systems and science. Knowledge is power, and we exercise it on others.

We let the empire fall down by itself, if we ask questions. If we sort out with ourselves what we actually believe in, we need to re-construct the world.

Discharging the learning-by-doing battery release enormous amount of power. We take new tracks and other lanes, turn into ‘dead-ends’ – and find out that actually they are not what is on the road map.

We lean into our vision and strategy and fall in love with it, because finally it is OURS.


2 thoughts on “Models and Empire

  1. Henrik Sorenen

    Welcome back from a great experience with LEGO. I feel you have got a lot of experience and new ideas. Keep on ! very interesting.

    1. Tatiana Post author

      Thank you for the comment.
      I hope you enjoyed the duck classics!
      Lets do more the next time to see how it works.


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