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Understanding Values: A LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop for diverse teams

This time we played  at IACCM- SIETAR Austria- CEMS conference at Vienna University of EconomicIMG_3934s and Business.


Education systems  should be able to secure the corresponding comm10420013_920318181351209_5535880320922460966_nunication and collaboration skills and cultural sensitivity. But even when education programs provide students with theory and cross-cultural awareness, the skills still remain a question of further practical application.

What are the methods that would support the awareness and develop the skills? ‘Knowing’ often is not ‘doing’ –  skill development takes time: the more effective the method is, the shorter to the result.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as an alternative facilitation method can close the gap between the awareness and actual performance. The method with 100% participation principle is enormously inclusive. It combines the team building with hands-on communication and collaboration skills development, which are wiennaessential  and very specific for diverse teams.Therefore the method is highly effective  to work with students’ and business teams.12096266_920314281351599_7326484782100469753_n

We used an hour to focus on individual values and challenges and start a shared landscape discussion, building and sharing. One of the participants commented:  “If it would be without bricks, I would have never shared so much”. The method proved to work successfully in-the-field.  All the theory was left to further individual reflection over the culture landscape models including diverse voices and values.IMG_3914


Corporate/organizational culture negotiation process is important for team unity. Achieving the understanding of common values and careful handling of individual interpretations is essential for taking ethical team decisions in future.

We were three teams of academics, business trainers and education specialists. All of us are working with cross-cultural theme, diverse teams and diverse student communities as the result of global development. Initially 12 people signed up, but with the bricks on the table the workshop started as two tables of 12; the next day an additional workshop took place.