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NO COMMENT and decision making

“On the other side of liberation sits chaos and paralysis” – “the paradox of choice” noticed by Barry Schwartz seems a symptomatic agenda of the day watching the news: NO COMMENT.

We are used to consider history as a narrative of a deliberate pursue of wisely planned, good and ethical happy-end.

But in real life the things do not work simple and straight-forward.

First, the turns of the history result in sharp edges of opposite extremes, like the ‘white slums’ in South Afrika. Liberation, development, freedom, ‘being together’ with the new have ironically the dark side.

Second, the next moment of freedom is paralysis of tabula rasa, not knowing – where are we now?

One can only be wise when looking backwards into the past – when the far consequences are already there. In present wise rationality, great principles, risk management and smart ideas are dissolved and hidden in a mess. We sporadically pick up what the gut feeling tells us as the first most reasonable solution at hand, muddling through the context, that’s it.

NO COMMENT escape definite short-sighted judgements. Ideology, read-into history chaos, reflects the preferred narrative about ourselves. The sooner we – luckily- suspect that something is ‘wrong’, the better for us. The ugly duckling story.